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Community description:Audiobooks: Reviews and Recommendations
I created [community profile] audiobooks to have a place to post my own audiobook reviews. But anyone else who loves the format is welcome to post, too.


Posts are moderated to keep the community on-topic.

1. Anyone can post a review or recommendation for an audiobook.

2. Both fiction and non-fiction is welcome. There are no restrictions on adult content, but please use a cut-tag for anything not safe to be read from the workplace.

3. Do not post links to illegal downloads in review/rec posts. Do give a legal source if you can.

4. Do not request links to illegal downloads in comments. If you must do it, contact the poster privately.

5. I created the community to focus on pro-writing; however reviews/recs for recorded fan fiction are allowed as long as the piece is book length - that is a recording at least three hours long.

6. Suggested template for reviews/recs (Posts should be in this format, but you don't have to use the template to the letter):

Title: Title of the book
Author(s): Who wrote it?
Performed by: Narrator name(s)
Length: How long is the full recording?
Source: Optional, but it's nice to let people know where the audiobook can be found.

Review of the book: Here's what I think of the book...

Review of the recording: Here's what I think of the audio recording...

Please discuss the book and the audio-specific elements separately if you can. A really great book can be ruined by a poor recording, and the opposite is alsos true: a poor book can be brought to life by a really good performer.

7. Posts that are not reviews or recs: General discussion of audiobooks is allowed. Discussion of specific audiobooks should be in the form of a review if possible, but if it's not (e.g. if you're looking for opinions of an audio you haven't heard yet) that's okay, too.

8. Please tag your posts. If a tag you want to use isn't available, ask for it in your post. I'll create it for you.

9. Beyond that, the usual rules of netiquette apply: be respectful of others and we'll get along just fine.
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